Monday Bloopers

Have you ever done something on a rough Monday that was worthy of a face palm? That was totally me this morning. I got up and realized it was freezing out. I remembered I had a free Starbucks coffee waiting for me on my app so I decided to run to the grocery store that has a Starbucks in it.snapchat-2005157986370873452.jpg

I ordered a Venti Butterscotch Latte and had just enjoyed my first sip before making my way into the produce section of the store. I then had the brilliant idea to put my cup in the cart and promptly smacked it over with a potato causing it to tip over. The lid flew off and it went EVERYWHERE. Of course there were about ten people around witnessing this perfect *face palm* moment.

Animg_20180212_104347_7051527265752.jpgyone else having a case of the Mondays?


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